A unit Godsend is an annual award given by the district to that individual, or married couple, nominated by the unit committee, that provides invaluable service above and beyond expectations. The person, or couple, that you go to when help is needed and you know the task will get accomplished. *

We appreciate the dedication of all our Scouters in the Pack and the Troop, however, we are limited by only one person or couple per unit per year.

Troop 12, Osama Mourad

Pack 12, Safdar Imam
Troop 12, Ibrahim Hajaj

Pack 12, Ashraf Awad
Troop 12, Esam El-Olemy

Pack 12, Jabril Mujahid-Alexander
Troop 12, Kenzo Repole

Pack 12, Fazal Khuram
Troop 12, Shafiq Hussain

Pack 12, Nadine Shatila-Ghalayini & Abdulrahman Ghalayini
Troop 12, Tauha Shahab

Pack 12, Amir Ahmed
Troop 12, Reda Ahmed

Pack 12, Ghassan AlRegib
Troop 12B, Abdul Gouse Shaik
Troop 12G, Romma Yasmeen

Pack 12, Khurram Moiz
Troop 12B, Ashraf Awad
Troop 12G, Ferheen Wada

* The list here is not complete, we are missing the majority of the data before 2015.