The best way to find out what you do best is to do it. Swing a bat. Pitch a tent. Launch a rocket. Cub Scouts are at that magical age where everything is new and possible and most important, fun. They live in a world of “firsts” — first home run, first campfire, first checkered flag — where their game plan is their imagination.

Their most valuable rewards are the friends they make for life and a parent’s proud smile. These are invaluable experiences that can be had in Scouting. These are life lessons that transform today’s Cub Scouts into tomorrow’s Boy Scouts.


The Cub Scout Pack and Dens

I. Your boy is a member of a Den

A. A den is six to ten boys who meet with adult leaders to play games, learn skills, perform skits and songs, and take field trips.
B. Dens meet at the convenience of leaders and families, at least twice a month, perhaps weekly.
C. Ideally, Dens are formed with Scouts in the same age or grade level, so 1st graders are Tigers, 2nd are Wolves, 3rd are Bears, 4th and 5th are Webelos Scouts, with 5th graders working toward the Arrow of Light rank.
D. A Den is led by a Den Leader (usually a parent) who is assisted by an assistant Den Leader and parent helpers who share the fun (1st grade Tigers have adult partners with them).

II. Your boy and his Den belong to a Pack

A. Each Pack is made up of one or more dens.
B. Once a month, all Cub Scout families attend a Pack meeting with games, skits, songs, ceremonies and presentations of badges that boys earned that month.
C. The Pack meeting is led by the Cubmaster with help from other parents.
D. The Pack families will also have many other adventure opportunities, like Pack Family Camping, Pinewood Derbies, and field trips.


A. The Pack committee selects leadership, finds meeting places, keeps records and finances, orders badges, maintains Pack equipment, helps train leaders, recognizes leaders and plans activities.
B. Led by a Committee Chair, the committee includes Den Leaders, Pack Leaders, and parents.
C. The committee meets once a month or more often if needed.

IV. Your Pack is owned by a Chartered Organization

A. Chartered Organizations include schools, parent-school organizations, religious organizations, service clubs, and other organizations interested in youth.
B. Our Chartered Organization approves leadership, helps secure a meeting place and keeps the Pack within both their guidelines and policies and those of the BSA.
C. Our Chartered Organization selects a Representative (as a liaison between our Pack and our Chartered Organization).
D. Pack 12 is chartered by Muslim American Society – Roswell, GA.


The Advancement Plan

A Cub Scout Den provides your son with a group of boys his own age in which he can earn awards and recognition. In his Den, he will also gain a sense of personal achievement for the new skills he learns. Each Cub Scout learns to respect his home, country, God, and other people. Most advancement adventures can be done at Den meetings and Pack activities, but all can also be done at home with the family.

Rank Advancement

The Adventures a Cub Scout works on are found in the Cub Scout Handbook for his age or grade, and he will work toward the Rank for that age or grade. 1st Grade uses the Tiger Handbook and works toward the Tiger Rank, 2nd Grade uses the Wolf Handbook and works toward the Wolf Rank, 3rd Grade uses the Bear Handbook and works toward the Bear Rank, 4th Grade uses the Webelos Handbook and works toward the Webelos Rank, and 5th Grade continues with the Webelos Handbook and works toward the Arrow of Light Rank.

The Adventures for each rank in each handbook are aged based and progressive, so that each year the Scout has more and more exciting and challenging Adventures. And this is not your old artsy, craftsy Cub Scout program! Every level of Cub Scouting has plenty of hiking, camping, games, exploring, campfires, swimming, and boating … over 20 Adventures that can be done at each level, year ‘round! Each Rank is earned by completing 7 Adventures from the Handbook, plus some Cyber Safety exercises – and your Scout earns an Adventure Loop for each adventure completed. For Tiger, Wolf and Bear, 6 of the Adventures are specified required, and then Scouts can choose one more Adventure from over a dozen elective adventures.

Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks are similar, except that 4th Grade Webelos have 5 required and 2 elective Adventures, and for 5th Graders aiming for the Arrow of Light, there are only 4 required Adventures … 3 are electives. And for those ranks, the boys earn Adventure Pins instead of loops. In late winter or spring of a Scout’s 5th grade year, he graduates from Cub Scouting into the adventure of Boy Scouting at a crossover ceremony with a Troop.


What will my son need?

It can be confusing to try and figure out all the uniforms and patches that go along with Scouting. Before you go shopping, check with your Pack leaders and use this form to take into your local Scout Shop where our friendly staff will help get your Scout everything he’ll need to get the most out of his Scouting experience.

Check this link here to know why we wear uniforms and how to obtain one.

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