This is a self-assessment exercise designed to help highlight areas of the troop success and to discover areas open to improvement.

The troop that is performing should have high score or should have numbers that continue to improve over time.

Share the self-assessment with other youth leaders at meetings of the patrol leaders’ council, and use it to explore ways to make the troop better, and compare troop performance over time.


3 points if the statement is always true about the troop

2 points if the statement is sometimes true about the troop

1 point if the statement is seldom true about the troop

  • List the evaluation team, you can mention PLC or Troop Committee, or mention the individual names.
  • Troop Meetings

  • Patrol Method

  • Camping

  • Other Activities

  • Advancement

  • Training

  • Character Development

  • Membership

  • Funding The Troop Program

  • Communication

  • Adult Involvement

Scouts earn service hours throughout the year for rank advancement, but that’s not why we do community service. We do it because we’re Scouts, and that’s what Scouts do when they “Do a Good Turn Daily”! Rank advancement is just one of the eight methods of Scouting.