BSA issues a charter through the local Council to a Chartered Organization, like the Mosque, Church, School or other organization that owns your unit, our unit is chartered by Muslim American Society (MAS) – Roswell, GA, which allows it to use a BSA program to serve youth in its community. For example, a Cub Scout Pack uses Cub Scouting to serve boys in the first through fifth grades. BSA requires that the charter be renewed annually to continue using the program. We call that annual renewal “recharter”.

What else happens during recharter? In addition to renewing the unit charter, recharter time is when all youth and adult members (leaders) renew their membership in BSA. Member renewals are most of the work. Our unit collects all of its member dues or fees on an annual basis, that collection often takes place at recharter too. Our unit should also complete the application for the Journey To Excellence Award.

Here is a calculator to help you know how much you need to pay as a family for both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts:

Item Quantity BSA Fees Sub Total
Cub Scout
$33 /member/year
Boy Scout
$33 /member/year
Boy’s Life Magazine
$12 /subscription/year + 6% taxes
Volunteer Parent
$33 /member/year

Please pay fees by check, payable to “Pack 12” or “Troop 12”.

  • The amounts calculated above are paid completely to Atlanta Area Council to cover BSA membership and magazine subscription if selected, and these are due on Nov 1st of each year.
  • These amounts does not include the pack/troop fees that cover equipment, storage, some events, ceremonies and trips, online tools, badges and awards. The pack fess are $40/cub scout/year, and the troop fees are $120/boy scout/year, and these are due on Jan 1st of each year.
  • For Webelos 2 (5th gaders), the pack and the troop fees will be calculated based on how many month the boy will spend with the pack and if he will cross over to Troop 12 or another troop.
  • In case you can’t pay on the due date, please let the Committee Chair know as soon as possible and he will let you know your options. It is very important to us to make scouting affordable for all families.
  • For all registered adults, Youth Protection Training – YPT – must be valid at the time of rechartering.