The Troop Committee supports the troop and the Patrol Leaders’ Council but the troop is led by the boys. The Boy Scout Troop Committee is responsible for conducting the business of the troop, setting policy, and helping the Scoutmaster and Scouts with the outdoor program and other planned activities. This is an important responsibility and is one area where help is always needed and appreciated. The committee consists of parent volunteers who fulfill various roles on the committee.


  • Chartered Organization Representative [Hatem Selim]
  • Troop Committee Chairman [John Danielek]
  • ScoutParent Unit Coordinator [Safdar Imam]
  • Troop Secretary
  • Troop Treasurer [Shafiq Hossain]
  • Troop Advancement Chair [Jabril Mujahid-Alexander]
  • Troop Equipment Coordinator [Hasan Idris]
  • Troop Outdoor/Activities Chair [Cynthia Said]
  • Troop Membership Chair [Ibrahim Hajaj]
  • Troop Training Chair [Osama Mourad]
  • Troop Public Relations Chair
  • Troop Friends of Scouting (FOS) Chair
  • Troop Scouting for Food Chair
  • Troop Fundraising Chair [Jabril Mujahid-Alexander]
  • Troop Chaplain [Mahmoud Kounkourou]

Direct youth contact leaders

  • Scoutmaster [Esam El-Olemy]
  • Assistant Scoutmaster(s) [Jabril Mujahid-Alexander, Kenzo Repole, Riyad Merchant, Mohamed Abushadi, Osama Mourad]
  • Troop Chaplain [Mouhmoud Kounkourou]


For a Troop Committee member to be trained, they need to complete: