Scouting, Succinctly

by Hasan Tauha

The Boy Scouts of America, at a glance, is a group of flag-bearin, uniformed young men, but it is all truly nothing but the tip of a grand iceberg and the cover of a profound book; our colors are our emblem, and what it represents is no doubt something greater.

“…to do my duty to God and my country…”

These are the words spoken by every scout at every gathering, and these are the words that guide the lives of all those whom adhere. But the Scouts are more than just reverent citizens; they are what makes up a company which aims to creates the leaders of tomorrow, they are the torchbearers of America, and, in the case of Troop 12 and the like, they are the ambassadors of Islam.

As Troop 12 nears its teen years, the path of its potential becomes ever clearer. Subtle hints to this imminent station are seen always in our assemblies, and more importantly, they are increasingly evident in the initiatives taken by multiple individuals. From raising thousands for the distressed, to building essentials for the betterment of our extended community, it is apparent that these characteristic advancements are not dwindling, but they are rather developing. So for all this, we thank Allah without whom we would be nothing.

At one of our recent events we were honored to host our guest speaker Sister Asiya, an esteemed member and mother of two accomplished scouts in Troop 548. She shared with us her exhilarating story regarding her becoming ingrained in her local, predominantly non-Muslim, scouting community, and about the warm embrace received against her initial expectations and concerns. Quickly, Sister Asiya found herself becoming one of the most passionate and trained scout leaders with her son not far behind. Recently, the National Islamic Council on Scouting venerated her with the “Allahuakbar Award” for “outstanding service” to the scouting world. Evidently so, it is apparent that she and all those out there of her kind, have set forth an everlasting footprint on behalf of the Muslim community and into the worthy history of scouting in this nation.


The one universal trait in the world of scouting is the tendency of scouts and leaders to take initiative. Our scouts raise money for causes they deem sacred, and Sister Asiya took her stride into the scouts on her decision to bear fruit in her life and her children’s. Now the recognition given to certain positive outlying members has become the illustrious badge of Eagle, and it is designed to be earnt specifically by those who find the discipline and motivation to tangibly excel towards any specific cause. It is a recognition made to publicly acknowledge not only those among us who have done good, but those who do good.

Alhumdulilah, Troop 12 of Roswell is honored to announce the decoration of our fourth Eagle Scout, Muhammad Hajaj.

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About Hasan Tauha: Currently a Junior at Milton High school, Hasan is an aspiring eagle scout and current Troop Guide of Troop 12. He has been involved with the scouting program for six years and he plans on continuing through his adulthood.

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