Scout Jumuah: A New Tradition In the Atlanta Scouting Community

by Hasan Tauha

The beauty of the outdoor world is one of the great signs from Allah, and appreciating it, coupled with leading a moral life, are at the very essence of the scouting program; due to this, reverence and respect have always played a massive role in making the scouting community one that encourages not only being with those other faiths but also encouraging a deep rooted connection with one’s own religion and its service.

        The church and synagogue have both traditionally been home and guide to the scouting program in America and, over the past century of their affiliation, an inseparable bond has formed between them. On certain days every year – namely Scout Sunday and Scout Sabbath – the two come together solely to celebrate this wonderful association. It is on these days, timed to fall near the February 8th anniversary of scouting, that troops give back to their hosting centers of worship and are recognized for their accomplishments.

Experienced scouting units have, over the years, developed several traditions. It is typical on these days to see troops attending their religious services in scout uniforms, doing service projects for their churches and synagogues, spreading awareness about their program, and awarding their important adult scout leaders. As a result, the connections of churches and synagogues with their troops has grown very strong.

It is now the intent of Troops 12 and 1215 of MAS and Al-Falah Academy to begin similar traditions with our own masaajid in this region. Our troops, chartered by the Muslim American Society and Al-Falah Academy, have decided to take part in the newly coined “Scout Jumuah” as announced by the National American-Muslim Association on Scouting (NAMAS) on Friday the 17th of February. We are presently planning on service projects, scouting awareness booths, and will attempt to have uniformed scouts at many masaajid (feel free to speak with them and ask questions if you spot one!). To all other scouts who are members of other troops, feel free to speak with your local imams about hosting a similar program around the same time.

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About Hasan Tauha: Currently a Junior at Milton High school, Hasan is an aspiring eagle scout and current Troop Guide of Troop 12. He has been involved with the scouting program for six years and he plans on continuing through his adulthood.

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